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  1. Why should I get an X-ray test done? What can I expect during the procedure?

    An X-ray is a noninvasive imaging technique used to diagnose and treat medical conditions, usually orthopaedic conditions. It can be used for confirming the abnormality or to rule other conditions that may be responsible for the condition. In cases of fractures, accidental falls, trauma you should get X-ray imaging to locate the abnormality and it is also used for decision making on treatment.

    During the procedure, the radiologist will instruct you to remove any jewellery or metal articles worn. You will be made to stand still in between the X-ray machine and the screen for a few seconds. It is a painless procedure and has no adverse effects.

  2. Is it true that X-ray tests are unsafe during pregnancy?

    Yes, because X-rays are associated with an increased risk of cancer (leukemia) for the growing fetus. X-rays should be considered in pregnant women only in cases of serious medical problem or injury.

  3. I have a cardiac pacemaker in my heart. Is the MRI scan safe for me?

    No, MRI scan is contraindicated in people with pacemaker or certain metallic implants. This is because the magnet may displace the metal implants.

  4. Is there any alternative for MRI test?

    Yes, the alternative options for MRI test include the CT scan, bone scan, arthrography and ultrasound. CT scan generates cross-sectional images of the internal organs of the body, bone scan does a generalized skeletal screening, arthrography is done to evaluate joint pathologies and ultrasound test used sound to detect soft tissue abnormalities.

  5. Why is a bone scan done? Is it different from a bone densitometry test?

    Your doctor may order a bone scan to detect bone abnormalities in conditions such as fractures, arthritis, Paget's disease, bone cancer, joint infections, avascular necrosis and unexplained pain in the bone.

    It is a nuclear imaging test and differs from bone densitometry test.

  6. Do I require any special preparation before a bone scan?

    Bone scan does not require any special preparation. There are no restrictions in the food you take before the scan. You may be asked to remove the jewellery and metallic objects on your body during the scan.
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